Causes of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a common form of brain disorder that not only affects the emotions and decisions in daily life but can cause great mental disturbances even leading to feeling of suicide. Hence, it is vital that people suffering from symptoms of bipolar disorder be offered the right treatment as soon as possible.

It must be understood that bipolar disorder is not caused by a single factor but indeed multiple factors. Bipolar disorders can also initiate at any stages in life so there is possibilities that even old people inherit the symptoms. In order treat bipolar disorder medical experts makes use of a combination of anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers and psychotherapy.


It has been learnt from various scientific researches and studies that the causes of bipolar disorder can be biochemical or biological, genetic, medication induced, and environmental. According to some findings, bipolar disorder can occur in a particular part of the brain due to malfunctioning of numerous neurotransmitters. In cases like these, the disorder may remain dormant in the brain for years and are often triggered by the external forces like crisis or stress. The source of bipolar disorder can also be genetic or familial, which means that any person can be subjected to the disorder from their first-degree blood relative suffering with the condition.

Bipolar disorder can also be triggered off by misdiagnosis or improper medications. For example, anti-depressant drugs can activate a manic incident in cases where the patients are vulnerable to bipolar disorder. Abuse of alcohol and other stimulants are also known to activate bipolar disorder. The environmental factors can also be among the possible causes of bipolar disorder.

It can be said that people with strong will power and in possession of fighting back mechanism attributes have proven to face the situation effectively than people who do not have similar qualities.

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